Posted on 26-Mar-2020

The Intella Group

First and foremost, know that IntellaZONE remains in our standard "full speed ahead" mode. We retain our entire corporate staff. Everyone is working their regular hours and we are tending to all aspects of our business as usual. Also, all new projects and programs continue in their development as normal.
Because IntellaZONE's most popular products are digital and are delivered digitally, sales continue unabated. In fact, sales are up this month over last month ...and we expect these trends to continue.
While there may be some adjustments that will have to be made (we can't control deliveries of physical products, for example), IntellaZONE is at full strength and I do not expect that to change. Onward and upward we will go!
How else does the pandemic affect IntellaZONE? With hundreds of millions quarantined at home, and millions having lost jobs and/or income, IntellaZONE can be a "lifeline" for many in the world right now. Though this would be the last way we'd ever want to raise awareness of IntellaZONE, we are grateful that we have a platform that can help millions of people being affected by this health crisis.
Yes, we are living in very trying times, but we will not only get through this, we will be even stronger in the future because of the challenges faced. In the meantime, stay strong, stay healthy, be safe, and take care of those you love!
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